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2016-06-23 16:54:03 by SuperMugenMelee

As i'm writing this, I was thinking...I should be a voice actor! So if anyone needs a Voice actor in games and movies....Then i'll be here, just leave a comment if you need me so I can do some cool voices.

Mind changed?

2016-05-16 18:31:15 by SuperMugenMelee

I changed my mind about SMM





SMM will only be on youtube an willbe...





2016-05-15 17:31:19 by SuperMugenMelee

SMM will be worked on tomorrow,

I'll give you a few leaks


Characters so far:


Myself (A.K.A Miguel)

Toy Chica Haz Cupcake  (My G+ friend)

Skull (Main Villain)


Rusty the Blackbear

Dark Skull




The series will be in Stop Motion and all of the characters so far will be made out of paper 



I am the only one who voices all of the characters (Some good voices and some bad ones)



Don't blame me if my animation skills are crappy but anyways SMM will be worked on (Hopefully)


2016-05-10 18:34:14 by SuperMugenMelee

Guys, I have bad news


SMM will be on hold until I get back and have time to work on the first episode Welcome to the U.S.


2016-05-09 20:05:58 by SuperMugenMelee

SMM is finally coming to Newgrounds and Youtube,after 8 years of imagining the series in 2009. The series will finally make its debut around May or June, so I hope you are hyped about SMM's debut.